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Thank you for your interest in The Georgia Farm Credit Associations Winter Pig Classic in Perry, GA.
January 10, 2020 - January 12, 2020
For the complete show guidelines and show breed classification guidelines please see the attachment included with this link or contact your local FFA Advisor or 4-H Agent. Please note payment for entries are credit/debit card only. Advisors/Agents have the option to enter a quick group which allows them to enter multiple exhibitors. (Click Sign In located in the top right corner) Again payment is credit/debit only. Also, the amount of pens purchased should not exceed the amount of entries made. Tack pens are not to be purchased or requested.
Entry deadline is December 20, 2019. This site will no longer be active past this date.
 If you have any questions concerning the show or entry process please contact Levi Dunn by phone at 229-220-6932 or by email adunn@dcboe.com.