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Thank you for your interest in The Georgia Farm Credit Associations Winter Pig Classic in Perry, GA.  
January 7, 2022 - January 9, 2022
For the complete show guidelines and show breed classification standards please see the attachment included with this link or contact your local FFA Advisor or 4-H Agent.
    • Please note payment for entries are credit/debit card only.
    • Advisors/Agents have the option to enter a quick group which allows them to enter multiple exhibitors. (Click Sign In located in the top right corner).
    • The amount of pens purchased should not exceed the amount of entries made. Tack pens are not to be purchased or requested.
    • Make sure your declared breed classification is correct based on the standards in the Winter Pig Classic guidelines.
    • Please pay attention to the NEW additional show (WPC SmackDown) on Sunday and its guidelines when registering.
Entry deadline is December 16, 2021.
A late fee of $20/entry will be applied past this date.
 If you have any questions concerning the show or entry process please contact Levi Dunn by phone at 229-220-6932 or by email adunn@dcboe.com.
For more information and announcements please visit: https://www.facebook.com/WinterPigClassic